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Green Kitchen Remodeling

Green Kitchen Remodeling

If you're ready to remodel your kitchen and want to go green, here's how to create the healthy, energy-efficient, eco-friendly kitchen of your dreams.

If products you'd like to add to your project aren't readily available, schedule visits to showrooms or green home improvement expos to examine materials first-hand before making decisions. To help you plan, here are key products, ideas, and tips to put the green in your kitchen.

Major components

Miami-Dade pending home sales spiked in October

The number of sales contracts on single-family homes and condos in Miami-Dade jumped sharply in October despite the very low inventory of homes on the market.

Despite a dearth of homes and condos on the market in Miami-Dade County, pending sales in October rose 18 percent from the prior month and 67 percent year over year, according to the Miami Association of Realtors.

The number of pending sales was 4,172 in October compared with 2,488 a year earlier, the group said.

U.S. housing market recovering but price rises seen modest: Reuters Poll

The U.S. housing market is starting to recover and home prices will see modest growth this year and next, according to a Reuters poll, which also suggested the property market would get little boost from any Fed buying of mortgage-backed debt.

Recently there have been signs the housing sector is improving, and many economists think home building will add to economic growth this year for the first time since 2005.

Indeed, 35 of 38 economists polled in the past week said the market was recovering.

Real estate recovery in limbo until 2013, experts say

This year was supposed to be the bottom for the housing market and 2012 was supposed to mark the turnaround. In reality, even the improvements sound like bad news, and some forecasters are saying we'll have another year of gloom before the clouds break.

"It's unlikely prices will rise next year in most markets," said Jed Kolko, chief economist at real estate information site Trulia. "By that measure most local markets will not recover next year, but prices are only one measure of how the housing market is doing."

Selling a home without a real estate agent is harder than 5 to 10 years ago

Million of existing homes are sold each year, and while each transaction is different every owner wants the same thing -- the best possible deal with the least amount of hassle and aggravation.
Unfortunately, home selling has become a more complex business than it used to be. New seller disclosure statements, longer and more mysterious form agreements, and a range of environmental concerns have all emerged in the past decade.
The result is that while hundreds of thousands of existing homes may be sold each week, the process is not as easy for self-sellers as it was five or 10 years ago.


Do you want to sell or keep thinking about it and dream, this is the market to buy , so there are buyers out there looking to buy your home if you really want to sell.

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